This whole addiction thing is a hard motherfucker to beat. May not be much to y’all but I’ve got 3 days off the beans. Still counting the hours.

I’m going to die, work at 6am…

I need to get my tattoo touched up! Yay…I like the feeling of getting tattoos too much it seems


when you try to click an image on tumblr to see a bigger version but you get redirected to someones blog



There’s a really cute chick that will hopefully be working at my department at best buy…I’m really pumped about that

Q: You're the best and I love you poop

I love you too darling :D

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Hearing “I love you”, things like “sweet dreams” and cute names…these are things that make my day better!




pumped up kicks (foster the people cover) // arctic monkeys


You shouldn’t be on my blog

I hope everyone will be ok, maybe where you are now isn’t where you’ll be in a year but it is one step closer to being where you are supposed to be!

Q: Things are going to be okay for me, right? I need to hear this from you specifically.

I hope so, I really do. Follow whatever path makes you happy and if it doesn’t work, you learn from it. If you don’t know what makes you happy, give it time and it will find you! You will be more than ok, never give up.

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